The Benign-Seeming Absurdity of Choosing Politics over Friendship: A Rant

Maybe you’re not racist. Maybe you’re not sexist. Maybe you’re not homophobic or transphobic. But if you voted for Trump or are otherwise chill with him being President (which is not a figurehead position IF YOU RECALL), you have decided that the outrageous things he’s said and done and the questionable characters he’s peopling his administration with are not a dealbreaker.

How nice for you.

I wish I could hide behind a veil of philosophical indifference when it comes to difference in opinion. I would love to pretend I’m beyond the petty squabbling of liberal vs. conservative, because I’m just that kind of tolerant, loving, easy-going gal, but I am not that person. I can’t be that person. Tolerable differences in opinion end where your opinion starts justifying police brutality against unarmed black people, shaming and silencing victims of sexual assault, ignoring the power structures that keep oppression alive and well, let poor people starve, and sick people suffer and die.

We’re not talking about disagreeing on whether to install carpeting or hardwood floors or whether it really is cool to like things before they’re popular. We’re talking about human lives. And once you decide that bigotry and hatred are not *that big* a deal for you, that’s the end of any friendship we could have. You cannot tell me, a bisexual woman of color, that bigotry doesn’t exist and expect me to still want to hear about your latest brunch misadventures.

Sorry, Sharon. I’ll be more tolerant when you decide my life is worth at least as much as yours.


2 thoughts on “The Benign-Seeming Absurdity of Choosing Politics over Friendship: A Rant

  1. Hey Linda – Thanks for typing in your Blog! To bad we did not have time to chat. I think it would have been quite an interesting discussion! #Erlangen #Starbucks


    • Thanks so much for checking it out, Stephan! You know, I work at that Starbucks and I drink coffee there pretty often, too, so I’m sure we’ll be able to have a good discussion sooner or later 😀


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