A Short Note on My Periods of Absence

This post began as a comment on a Facebook friend’s post in which he asked (quite understandably, I feel compelled to add) how his newsfeed went from outrage about police brutality and gun violence to excitement over the new Pokémon game. It got a bit long and then I realized this should really go here, to explain my silence on the numerous recent tragedies.

I completely understand people seeking refuge from the constant onslaught of painful and violent news that dominates the media. I myself have recently withdrawn a bit from being a part of the public discourse, favoring instead to pass my time with simple and pleasant activities: perusing advice columns (I hope to write my own someday and am soaking up all the good work I can), drawing flags in my notebook, reading cheap thrillers that I get out of free-book bins, and letting the same episodes of Family Guy and American Dad run in the background.
I admit that my Borderline personality makes me particularly sensitive, and perhaps even more apt to withdraw when experiencing distress, but I can imagine keeping up with the news and the discussion thereof is overwhelming for many people right now, and for those in oppressed groups, even more so. When I even start to think about all the questions still left unanswered with regards to Brock Turner, Alton Sterling, Philandro Castille, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the Orlando shooting, and not to mention the numerous dead in Iraq whose names will never have a hashtag. I can’t even list everything because it’s too much. It’s too much for a sensitive brain to think about and it’s too much for a sensitive heart to feel.