A few reasons why women/LGTBQA+ people/POC/etc. need safe spaces…

1. Not because we are afraid of radical new ideas, but because too many people don’t understand the radical idea that we are people in deserving of respect.
2. Not because we are too sensitive for the big, harsh world, but because the world is even harsher on us than our more privileged counterparts.
3. Because as a woman, it would be nice to go somewhere where I don’t feel like everyone’s staring at my chest or trying to figure out how to sleep with me.
4. Because as a woman of color, I need a place where I don’t feel like someone’s fetish.
5. Because as a bisexual woman, I need a place where people aren’t constantly asking me to be part of a threesome.
6. Because as a woman with a mental illness, I need a place where people aren’t telling me to “get over it” or to “toughen up” or who hypothesize that I don’t *really* have a mental illness, but rather that I’m simply “quite sensitive” or “a little different.”

7. Because my need to feel safe is mocked.

8. Because you think you know better than me what is best for my well-being and emotional health.

9. Because the world is not a safe place for people like me. I’m not afraid of learning new things or hearing opinions that are different from my own. I am afraid of being objectified, I am afraid of being belittled, I am afraid of being attacked.
10. Because racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/fat-shaming/slut-shaming/etc. language is considered a valid opinion rather than hate speech.

Instead of mocking people for needing a safe space, try to make the world safer for people of all kinds. Your mockery is part of the problem. Your mockery is what I need to escape from. Even bloodthirsty feminist warriors such as myself need a break from fighting the patriarchy sometimes, but… it’s everywhere. It’s in ads, it’s in institutional policies, it’s creeping out in microaggressions from the mouths of my friends and loved ones, it’s shouting at me as I walk along the street.

When you mock the need of some to go to a safe space,  you are part of the problem, not the solution.


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